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For some fog and mist are a metaphor for negative emotions, as they feel it conceals and restricts the elusive need for certainty of life (not sure that exists). I couldn't be further from that notion. I adore and seek nature in mist and fog. For me it envelopes, cloaks, softens and creates mystery that, if anything, is metaphor for my idea of happiness! That isn't just because of the visual senses, moisture in the air frees the breathing, there are distinctive smells and most of all, there is no silence more glorious, profound and deeply physical, than the echoey silence enveloping a misty Scottish Loch at dawn - with no other man made presence for kilometres! It might just be me, but it is noticeable that if the silence is broken by an owl hooting or stag rutting, that is fine and absorbed seamlessly. Hearing another human voice, or a car - it's shattered!

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